Tips For The First Cinema Trip

Hey Guys! I’m back again with a really helpful post(well I think so) on tips for the ever daunting.. FIRST TIME CINEMA TRIP!

I have three children so I think I know all the helpful and necessary tips to make your first time experience a little less stressful.

The ages I brought each child all varied as every kid is different and I think most parents can tell if they think their baby can handle or will entertain a cinema trip. I always felt sooooo nervous beforehand and afraid if they would not like it,make a show of me or run out of the cinema! I feel it’s one of those things where once you do it the first time it definitely gets easier as you go on.

I wanted my children to go from an early age so they would understand and get use to the whole trip. I am a big fan of the cinema myself so I wanted them to enjoy it too!

My first Son I brought him around 1 years old and to be honest he has loved the cinema ever since! My second son didn’t go till around two and a half as I knew he wouldn’t be able to sit still and really enjoy it(he adores the cinema now). My youngest baby is two and we went to see Peppa Pig a few months ago. We lasted half an hour and we left,but that’s okay! I will hold off till next year to bring her again as she’s just not that interested!


My 3 year old when we went to see SING! Great movie!

A little preparation beforehand is key. Let them know what you will be doing and try explain how we behave in the cinema. Try build it up to an exciting outing and how fun it will be.

  • Try to go to a baby friendly screening. The lights will be on and the kids can walk around,everyone there will be in the same boat so don’t stress if your child won’t sit still or is a little loud. 
  • If you can,book an aisle seat. Kids (if toilet trained) will usually go to the toilet around three times so to save all the standing on toes and annoying people,aisle seats can be a life saver.
  • Snacks.lots of them. It’s as simple as that,the more food the better. They will be distracted and happy. Bring fruit,popcorn,water,biscuits and maybe some treats. 
  • Go on the less busier days. Sunday will be a very busy day for the cinema so if you are apprehensive ask your local cinema the off peak times.
  • Go to an age appropriate film. I once brought my 3 year old to a film that I would say would be suited to 7+ year olds and he didn’t enjoy it as much. At that age it’s all about colour and music,so keep that in mind.
  • If you can,bring a tablet or iPad. Your child might get bored halfway through which is normal and might start fidgeting. So if you let them play a game and put the brightness down that will help them stay quiet and at ease.

So they are my tips and I really hope they help make your trip less stressful. Honestly it’s less daunting than you think and it’s all about first time experiences and having fun.

So go with the flow and if you have to leave the cinema early,so what! You can try again next time. The more children go the better they will enjoy it down the line.

let me know if these tips helped you or if you think I left something out,let me know in the comments!

Clinique Moisture Surge Review

Yes I know,where have I been?? I have been MIA for so long now but fear not, I’m back with a bang after using this product for a couple of months I feel now is the time I can give my honest review on the Clinique moisture surge gel moisturiser.

I feel with skincare,well I know that you cannot give a thorough review until you have used it continually and regularly to see how it works on YOUR skin.

Obviously we all have different skin types and if a product works for me,it may not work for you. So it’s always good to research before buying,and if possible buy a sample size.


My skin type would be dry and a little DeHydrated,I would have no oily skin what so ever. I have to be honest I REALLY like this moisturiser! I kinda didnt want to because it’s the guts of €50,but in my opinion I got my money’s worth and I definitely will be repurchasing.

It adds instant hydration and plumpness to the skin,leaving it dewy and refreshed. I sometimes use this before bed or before my makeup. I let it set for 5 minutes then apply my makeup and it glides on!

My skin was left feeling smooth and soft and it definitely does what it says on the tin. It gave my skin INSTANT and long lasting thirst relief. It’s not heavy on the skin very lightweight.


I’ve used cheaper moisturisers before,I always have but I really feel with this product you know it’s expensive. It feels rich and thick(in a nice way) not runny like some others. With skincare you get what you pay for,and I feel with this I got the bang for my buck.

So if you wanna step up your skincare regime and try a new brand,let this be the one. Have you used and liked this moisturiser before? Let me know in the comments! I bought mine from brown Thomas buy here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope it helps you in some way or another.




Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask Review

Guys I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive on my blog lately I’ve been dying to review and create content but life is just so busy the weeks flew past!


Fear not, I am back with a BANG and have gotten my hands on the newest,revolutionary Dry Sheet Mask from none other then the fabulously talented Charlotte Tilbury.

A bit of background info on Charlotte I’m sure most of you know about her,but I’ll fill you in.

Charlotte is a well known celebrity makeup artist who created her own skincare and makeup line and it launched in 2013. Her muse’ include the Mega Babe Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen,with her work being showcased in Vogue and Vanity fair,to name a few.

Fast forward to 2017 and her latest venture has been the Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask promising INSTANT results in just 15 minutes.

It claims to hydrate,reduce wrinkles,smoothes and brightens. The Mask can be used up to 3 times which is amazing! So it works out around €6 a go.


HOW IT WORKS: This  DRY sheet mask is like nothing you’ve tried before! It has an in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs. Make sure to massage the top of the mask to activate the ingredients into the skin. It also has hooks which pop onto the ears,GENIUS.


DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK? As you can see from my picture I was honestly,100% left with a glow and a shine to my skin. It felt so soft and smooth and my skin looked so much brighter. I was totoally shocked as I was weary of the fact it’s a dry sheet mask,I was thinking it couldn’t possibly work but I was WRONG!

Here is where I bought the mask,happy shopping! Charlotte Tilbury.

I have it packed away again and ready for its next use,I’m really happy I bought it and I wasn’t disappointed. Have you tried the mask or are maybe thinking of giving it a try? I would love to hear from you in  the comments or on my social media channels.

Thanks for reading guys, I love writing and sharing my tips and experiences and I love interacting with you.



Reasons Why I Love Being A Mother

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts,life to be honest has been no busier it just seems the days are longer and the kids always need entertaining,so I haven’t been inspired to write about anything.

I thought I would write down my reasons about why I love being a mother to have there for when I have tough days,to remind me how lucky I truly am.

This parenting malarkey is tough and hard and sometimes there’s more downs than up. You constantly feel tired,stressed and I wish I had another of me as with three children you feel sometimes maybe I’m not spreading myself evenly.

I Feel sometimes I dwell on the negatives parenting can bring,like 6 hours of broken sleep each night,stretch marks or no social life. I know this totally normal and we all at some point have wished our old lives back,but when it really sinks in how lucky I am, I just have to think there is some mother out there without their child do you know how lucky you are? That quickly brings me back into all the POSITIVES my children have brought me.


That feeling of true unconditional love that cannot compare to anything. I love my children so much it hurts and I would walk the earth for them and to see them happy and healthy. It dosent compare to the love of a partner or family memeber,it’s a unique kind of love.

Watching life through children’s eyes is amazing. Observing everything they do,how they play,how innocent and vulnerable they are and them not realising how un funny it is to break a tv or paint your walls with lovely red marker.

When you are so proud it hurts your heart. After many years of teaching your child from right to wrong,showing and guiding them through life,I love when they put our advice and learning to use. I think my kids especially, My eldest have very good manners and treat people with compassion and respect as I’ve told them treats others how YOU want to be treated. 

Seeing them grow and reach their milestones. I love to play and learn my kids all sorts. So when the teacher says they excel at a sport or subject, I take so much pride at that. Not only I but my partner is an amazing father so it’s not all just me.

It’s made me stronger as a person and made me want more for my children and our lives. Having such a massive responsibility of looking after,feeding your kids,school etc it makes me want to achieve and reach for the stars. It gives me a purpose to wake up each day,grab life by the bawllllsssss and be the best. 

That feeling of accomplishment that I’ve gave birth and brought tiny humans into this world. Managed to keep them alive,healthy,relatively happy and knowing no matter what job or what ever else I do in my life,to me this outweighs them all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post it’s very personal to me but I wanted to share it incase you are someone having a bad day and needs to be reminded how lucky we are.

Please comment,like and share if you enjoyed this I love hearing my feedback.

Ciara Xo


In The Spotlight


So a few weeks back I Purchased teeth whitening strips SpotlightWhitening that have been heavily promoted online by various bloggers and brand ambassadors etc. I wanted my teeth whitened, they were lacking sparkle and these apparently cause very little sensitivity.

I contemplated this for months so when a well known blogger Terrie McEvoy had a discount code I thought nows the time.

The product was invented by 2 women(sisters) who are dentists and they came up with a Whitening product that is safe and you can apply easily at home. It is the only European Whitening strips to contain hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is a very strong ingredient used in all the professional products,so by using a small amount it is safe but effective.

Price:  Spotlight retails at €39.95 with my discount I got €5 off and free shipping (I think). This for a two week supply.


Before Spotlight

Application: So you get 2 strips,one small one for the bottom and a longer one for the top teeth. It’s pretty simple to apply you stick it on your teeth,fold it under or over the teeth and leave for one hour. After the hour there will be residue left over so I just brushed my teeth as normal.

Sensitivity: All over I have been hearing and reading it dosen’t really cause sensitivity but,for me it did. Now it didn’t cause pain but after 20 minutes or so my teeth would tingle and they would be quite sensitive for awhile after. I cut back on using them every day more every second day or sometimes left them on for shorter.


After Spotlight:)

Results?!: To be honest I was really happy with the results they freshened up my teeth and gave them some whiteness back into them. The people advertising Spotlight already had big,massive white teeth so I knew I wouldn’t get Hollywood white shade but it definitely did whiten them.

I would definitely buy another packet of strips and maybe even in the time being look at natural remedies for teeth whitening.

Has anybody used this product, I would love to hear how you found it. Spotlight is very successful already and I’m sure it will continue to grow and I wish the girls all the best.

DISCLAIMER: I bought this product with my own money. It wasn’t sent or sponsored(I wish).



Valentines Day Wishlist

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought I would do up a wishlist of things I would LOVE to be gifted with on the sickeningly over rated holiday.

We buy gifts for each other but we don’t do the whole steak and wine dinner in the poshest,booked out restaurant thing. We did it before and it was a set menu with very little choice and food was horrible so it kinda turned us off as It’s a bit gimmicky and a money racket for some businesses but sure look,who dosent like to receive presents!!

We are actually celebrating it earlier this year you could say as we are going to a hotel this week,which we literally are counting down the days till as with 3 kids we haven’t spent a night alone in almost a year! We cherish our free time so much more now,and that’s just the territory that comes with having children and we are fine with that but we deserve couple time. We are young after all so we try to do date nights at least once a month,it helps us in many ways.


ALEX AND ANI butterfly charm gold bangle. I loved this bangle the minute I seen it and I’ve never actually Owned anything from this brand but I know they have a great reputation and excellent price point. The best thing about this purchase is,as it Is part of their Charity by Design collection, 10% of the retail price from the Butterfly Charm Bangle will be donated to Pieta House, a free-of-charge counselling service to help those in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm.This idea is brilliant and incredibly kind so you are getting a lovely present but helping a charity at the same time. Buy Here.


SPA voucher: Ugh I would love a SPA trip I’ve never been to one and the thoughts of a nice massage,facial and mud bath gets me going. Maybe for my birthday in MAY I might hint or outrightly tell him this is what I would like. Have you ever been to a spa in DUBLIN?if so,please let me know. If you want to go to a SPA but unsure where to go have places and reviews of each SPA so you can get a feel for yourself.

A bra fitting and new lingerie: Ok,so honestly this is not just for A MAN this is solely on the fact I am in Dire need of a new bra and French knickers. You would be appalled if you knew what I was working with so Ye,I would love a splurge in M&S!


New trainers: I,like a lot of Ireland at the minute is trainer mad so I wouldn’t say no to a new pair. Whenever I buy a pair I wear them to death so it’s about that time. I love ASOS for trainers they have a good selection and the newest styles so your always bound to find something you like. I love NIKE I mainly buy them or ADIDAS I just love their designs. Their cool and funky and always keep on trend.

So that’s my small little wishlist tell me,what’s yours? Or do you even have one what do you and your partner do to celebrate VDAY,I would love to know. I hope if you are someone looking for a gift to buy your better half this gave you some ideas.

Thanks for reading guys

Ciara Xo

5 Easy And FREE Ways To Relax

Hi Guys It’s been awhile since my last blog post and boy have I missed writing! It’s so therapeutic for me and it’s MY thing to do away from the kids and every day life.


Picture Found Via Google

I thought I would write up something for those of you who find it hard to relax or are looking for new ideas,most importantly FREE ones.

I mean we all would love nothing more for a night away in a spa,facial,mud bath the lot but for us mere mortals,well for myself that just isn’t doable.(any spas looking for reviewers holla at cha girl).

These are tips and techniques I use myself so,if you do this to unwind or have tried it let me know.

AS a PARENT who stays at home with her kids it’s a damn tough job. It’s tough physically but more so mentally. It’s hard when all you have all day is Peppa Pig and baby talk so,by giving yourself that few minutes or half an hour a day it will benefit YOUR state of mind that little bit extra.

Now these are simple and probably obvious things to do,I didn’t invent it but we often forget about ourselves even though we need this to keep ourselves sane.

A scalding hot bath with Epsom salts,lavender and a glass of wine:  A bath is literally my favourite de stresser and relaxation technique! Them precious minutes(or wrinkly hands) really just rest my body and recharge the aul batteries. I love having my bath when kids are in bed even though many a time I’ve had to jump out mid way to settle a screaming baby:)

Books: I love to read! English was my favourite subject in school and I was always picked as class reader. I use to shovel through books but as the years have gone by I’ve kinda neglected it but recently have picked it up again. I love anything by Cecelia Ahern and I love true stories as I can relate to them more. It keeps your brain going and emerses yourself into a different world.

Walking: Even though I would often have to drag myself up and out I really enjoy walking. It gets my endorphins going,puts me in a great mood and gets the kids out of the house too. I usually put the baby in her buggy and off we go.

Meditation: This is something I’m trying out and putting effort into doing it regularly. I look up YouTube videos for free (god I love YT) and copy what they do. Life is hectic and stressful which leads us to,sometimes being unhappy or angry so by training the mind to relax is beneficial. I do this in my room with music in the background.

Breathing Techniques: I get anxious and very emotional at times and I find when I’m in this state breathing properly is essential. I feel it helps when I’m stressed or frantic about something if I breathe slowly,out through the nose and paying attention to it really helps. Breathing slowly is said to lower blood pressure and heart rate so I guess it’s not a bad thing.

Those are my 5 easy and free relaxing tips and I hope you try one and benefit from it. Whether you are a parent,carer or a workAholic it’s important to take some YOU time and bring it back to basics.

Thanks for reading my Loves

Ciara Xo


My Best Budget Buys

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely New Years,mine was quiet as usual I never even make it to the bells(how sad). What did all my lovely readers get up to over the holidays?

I’m back with a new post on my favourite Budget Friendly buys.I love a bargain and I even love something more when it’s genuinely good,but bank account friendly. In this day and age there really is a dupe for everything and brilliant companies out there at affordable prices.


Cocoa Brown Instant Tan:Bronzing Gel: I love this tan for when I’m too lazy to tan the night before or if I’m in a hurry,plus it washes off instantly!Cocoa Brown can do no wrong in my eyes,the last few months the products they have released have been game changers and I’m only too happy to support a brilliant Irish brand. Buy from Cloud 10.

Pixi Glow Tonic: This product is amazing. It exfoliates all the dead skin cells ,leaving you with a healthy glow. What’s great about this is it’s for ALL skin TYPES. Usually everything is catered to oily skin,or dry skin but this is great for us all. The bottle is fairly big so you get awhile out of it. I buy mine from Cloud 10.

L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: I’ve been using this product for months now. I’m not the best at hair or hair knowledge but I do know this works for me and does as it promises. It’s for healthy shiny hair,protection and leaves your hair looking smooth and silky. I use 2 pumps (the ends)when my hair is wet then dry and straighten my hair and it’s left really bright,shiny and fresh,I love it.

Mitchum 48hr Protection: I’ve mentioned this product before,but what the hell I’ll say it again. It’s BLOODY BRILLIANT. Over the years I’ve tried and tested ALL the deodorants out there and this comes up trumps. It’s alcohol free leaves no white marks and really protects your underarms from sweat. It’s a must have for  me and I recommend you make the switch to this brand you won’t regret it. 

Inglot YSM Foundation: I bought this foundation about 2 months ago and I’ve used it quite regularly since then and I really like it. It’s a Semi matte finish,photographs great and once you set with a good powder it’s long lasting. I found it to be very full coverage which I love. They have a wide range of shades to choose from,I went for a shade closest to my natural skin tone and I’m happy I bought it.

Flormar Eye Protection Primer: I really like this eye primer and it’s crazily Cheap so if your a student or just want to save your pennies like me I’d advise you to get this primer as some primers are crazy prices. It goes on so smoothly and leaves your eye make up lasting all night. It dosent cake or cause your eye make up to feel heavy,it’s a dream product. 

SO they are just a few of my favourite Budget buys there is so much more I love and would recommend as I only talk about products I actually use and believe in. I would LOVE to know your favourite beauty products on a budget I’m always on the look out for new brands. Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading my loves until next time.

Ciara Xo


My Goals And Aspirations For 2017!!

img_0700Hi guys and happy New Year’s Eve I hope you all have a SAFE and fun New Years and celebrate with your loved ones. Since it’s 2017 TOMORROW(crazy) I thought I would do a post on MY goals that I have in mind for next year and I would love to accomplish.

I think it’s healthy to have goals and desires it keeps you motivated and how amazing to look back and see you have actually achieved these goals. I have ten goals in particular which roughly works out at nearly one a month which is very achieveable.

If you tell people your goals and say them out loud to others you are holing yourself accountable on achieveing them,so that motivates me.

  • Take more time out for ME! As my kids are getting older it’s getting that little bit easier to look after myself more and I really need to do this,for not only me but my kids.
  • Gain more social media presence and get my blog and MYSELF more noticed in order to come acrosss amazing people .
  • Be better organised with life in general but, particularly with money. I need to save more and spend less for sure.
  • Write about things I am passionate about and that I have knowledge or experience on,that will come across In my posts.
  • Spend more time with my partner and give him more time with us as a coupe. Date nights are vital,for us anyways you can get so caught up with kids and life but it’s nice to keep some time just for US we are a young couple at the end of the day.
  • Take better care of my skin. Yes I’m only 24 but now is the time to get in a good skin care routine and get some amazing products to use forever.
  • Lose weight. Yes such a cliche but I really want to and need to so,I would love to be better informed about food and nutrition and try curb some of my bad habits.
  • Have more clothes than makeup! Yes I literally have more beauty products than clothes (how weird).
  • Pass my full driving test.
  • Visit Ireland some more. I would love to visit to the cliffs of moher with my family and show them how beautiful Ireland really is. It’s a shame how little I’ve visit around the country but I want to change that.

So they are my GOALS for the upcoming year and I’m excited,I might even do a monthly update and check them off as I go. Is that a good idea? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to everyone who’s commented,liked and visited my blog it means a lot and I hope everyone had a wonderful year,and if not well I hope 2017 brings you all the luck and opportunities in the world.

Ciara Xo

Potty Training

Hi guys I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas,I know I did but boy is it stressful. Everyone has this picture perfect image in their mind of what Christmas SHOULD be like but,in reality it turns out to be way different and that’s fine!!!

Anyways,since I recently potty trained my 3 year old (started in summer) I thought I would do a blog post on some tips and advice I learned along the way. It was hard an there  was lots of peeing,running back and fourth and a LOT OF WET CLOTHES,but we made it whooooo!


Best thing I bought was this book he loved it. I bought this in Smyths

When is the time right?

I think timing is everything so it’s really important your child is ready and you are NOT forcing them. How do you know this?

  • Do they show interest in the toilet when you or anyone else uses it.
  • Do they complain of dirty nappies.
  • Do they tell you or signal to you about using the toilet/potty.

Patience is KEY:

  • Be patient,this will take time to perfect.
  • Words of encouragement is needed.
  • Be prepared to stay at home,a lot.
  • Keep reminding them about going potty as it’s crucial at the start,they sometimes forget and it gets them in the habit of going regularly.

Ready set PO:

  • Get a potty or even a stool for the toilet,it’s important to have the right equipment, place the potty in the bathroom or wherever your child spends the most time.
  • Be free: When training my kids I’ve always left them half naked,it’s easier and it’s less clothes for you to wash.
  • Bribing kids ain’t all that bad and let’s be honest we all,or most of us did it. Tell them you will give them their favourite snack or let them watch their favourite movie when they go potty.


Get creative:

  • Sticker charts are brilliant and really helped my boy,it was fun and a great accomplishment when he got lots of stickers.
  • Reward and praise your child when they do a wee or a poo in the potty. It’s a big deal,so it should be celebrated.
  • I buy all my children big boy/girl pants and put them over the nappy or on their own,they love that it makes them feel all grown up.

Its ok to stop:

  • You will know if your child isn’t taking to it well,and that’s ok.
  • Stop and come back to it at a later stage,you didn’t fail as every child is different.

Ditch the nappies:

  • In my experience I never really put my children in a nappy at night for too long,or at all.
  • Limit their size of drink before bed,I try not to give my boy too much and I make him go the toilet right before he goes into bed this helps a lot.
  • I think it’s confusing going from no nappy to nappy in the night,that worked for us.
  • Buy a mattress protecter or put a towel underneath them for protection.
  • Once you think you kinda have it mastered start by going on small walks with your child and try not to use nappies or pull ups when doing this.

So they are all my potty training tips,bare in mind I have only trained boys thus far,but this time next year I hope to be starting this process all again with my girl.

I really hope you found this useful if you are a first time parent or even have other kids but you just need refreshing.

Please get me on twitter or Instagram if you need any advice or if you liked this blog post,it means a lot to hear my feedback.

Thanks Guys.